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Professional bookkeeping advice, support and hands-on help.

Our friendly and professionally trained team at Hawley Business Solutions provide flexible bookkeeping and accountancy support whenever and wherever you need us.

We specialise in bookkeeping, VAT Returns, Profit and Loss Reports, CIS, management accounts and payroll.

We have a wide range of clients based all over West Yorkshire. From engineering companies to consultants - we're experienced working with businesses both large and small!

Bookkeeping and accountancy at HBS.

The main role of a bookkeeper is to process the financial transactions of a business into accounting software. Bookkeepers look after the fundamentals, they help keep the wheels turning in a business by analysing the bookkeeping records accurately and on time. This includes preparing VAT Returns, running payrolls, creating Profit and Loss Reports and preparing management information.

An accountants main role is to deal with higher level compliance such as filing accounts and tax returns.

Businesses naturally generate a lot of paperwork. From purchase invoices to receipts and expense claims... a good bookkeeper will transform a bundle of paper into something orderly and accurate (that's what we do!).

Our services at a glance:


We collate all your receipts and expenses to produce a Profit and Loss Report which tells you how your business is performing.

This allows you to analyse your spending and keep a tight control on your business.

VAT Returns

We can produce your VAT Returns from your bookkeeping records.

They will be accurate, on time and compliant with HMRC regulations.

Profit & Loss Reports

We work with you to help you understand the Profit & Loss Report for your business.

We tailor the reports to suit your specific business: you need to understand those numbers!


We verify your Subcontractors, make required deductions, keep track of any CIS Suffered and complete all the relevant returns due to HMRC.

Management Accounts

Your Management Accounts can be produced monthly or quarterly. This information provides a detailed breakdown of the costs within your business.

We compare your accounts to previous years and budgets to track your business performance and provide useful information!


We can run weekly or monthly payrolls and help you with everything from pensions to maternity leave.


If you are self-employed, a director of a company or if you receive any other non-taxed income you need to file a Self Assessment Tax Return.

Limited Companies need to file Year End Accounts with Companies House and a Company Tax Return with HMRC.

We will take all the stress and hassle away and deal with everything for you

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